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Healthy diet

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Our Dutch clients approached us with a task to transfer their business, which was marketed mainly in Facebook, to a mobile app. They promoted healthy lifestyles and ran a weight loss competition. As the project was developing, and the audience was growing, our clients faced a number of difficulties that bothered both their clients and managers: special registration to each new competition, payments via third-party resources, no content-management, administration capabilities, lack of statistical data and appropriate reporting, and so on.

We were brought in to help them overcome their problems and realise their goals.   

Our task was to build a healthy-diet app, where people could compete with each other in weight loss, get tips on a healthy way of life, and share their achievements on Facebook with the ease of a single-click.


Magora: Brief
Solution and Result

We had taken into account all the requirements and built an iOS app with a number of integrations, which made it possible to gather all the features needed. Our developers integrated a payment service, an online shop of healthy food, and made Facebook sharing available right from the app.


Users can: Administrators can:
  • Login via FB
  • Share content and achievements
  • Mark favourite lists
  • Save useful tips
  • Take part in competitions
  • Vote for others
  • Buy diet products
  • Pay for services right in the app


  • Arrange competitions
  • Manage user accounts
  • Collect statistics
  • Publish content
  • Create tip lists
  • Sell diet products
  • Receive payments
  • Collect visual reports


We used the following technologies:

  • iOS:  Objective-C, CIFilters, AVFoundation;

The clients took an active part in the development, providing feedback and explaining to us the special aspects and nuances of the healthcare industry. The app is about to successfully accomplish the testing phase.

Magora: Solution and Result
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